The Christmas Blues

This is an amazing blog if you are into reading about Christmas. It shows the view that people don’t usually think about when it is time to open presents, hang out with friends and family, or eating the piles of food placed on the table. So the next time you spend the holidays enjoying your own happy, perfect life, why not go out there and make someone else’s day. Not only should you read this blog post from Hannah, but also all of her other one’s too since they bring the warmth into our hearts.


tumblr_nh322vjvcp1r20k99o1_500Oh, the holidays… a time of joy, family, and friends. Decorating for the old holiday Christmas feeling and enjoying a hot chocolate while snuggled up next to the warm, blazing fireplace (electronic is acceptable if you don’t have a real fireplace in your house). THUMP, THUMP, THUMP a odd sound that is imaginably played in the children’s minds on the night of Christmas Eve, believing that it is Santa Claus, shimmying his way down the chimney with a bag of toys. You can smell grandma’s traditional cookies being baked in the oven and see the children’s enthusiastic facial expressions as they rip open their gifts with excitement. All seems well in the household, your mind is clouded with the idea that all is peaceful in the world and there is nothing that can bring your day to a sad and thundering halt. Suddenly, a train of sympathy hits you. Not…

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