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Asian Parents


“No, you cannot go out with your friends, because you need to study and get A’s.”

“If you don’t get a 4.0 GPA, then kiss your freedom good-bye.”

The typical Asian parents would have the kids focus on school and hardly the fun. Not only do they have to go school, but they also have to attend tutoring for math and history. Yes, Asian parents are strict about such things but it’s all for the benefit of the child. “The American Dream” in an Asian perspective; work hard, sit back and relax later in life.

At first, I could not understand why my dad placed me in tutoring, piano and guitar lessons, and Vietnamese classes. I wanted to live the “American Dream”-the lifestyle that my friends were living. I didn’t understand the importance of the classes that I was placed in, but soon I came to realize that it was for a good cause.

At the age of  4, I began learning the piano. I did not understand the importance of learning piano because I didn’t think that it would be of much use for me in the future. I created music every day after school at my piano school. The sounds were harmonious and soothing. As the time went on I just kept on practicing and playing the piano without knowing the purpose of playing the piano. Also guitar and math, I really did not know what was the purpose of learning these “essentials” until finally I understood my family situation(s).


I do not want to get into too much detail about my family life because it is family matters; however, I can share this: my family struggled through the Vietnam War, as many other Vietnamese families could’ve gone through. My father, who is a war veteran, was involved in the War and had lost many of his close friends. Through his stories and childhood, he was determined to bring his family over to America for a new and “restarted” life.

With this “restarted” life my father had me and with me he was determined to let me grow up and be successful, so in the future, I would not go through what he had to go through as a child and suffer. He wanted to raise me up as the pure and perfect child, but that did not happen because I wanted to live the “American Dream” and I became rebellious. He signed me up for classes and tutoring for different assessments and topics so that one day I can use those assets and move forward with my life and try my possible best to achieve the “American Dream.”

Yes, Asian parents are strict but with good reasons. As my father is strict, he just wanted a better life for me and I am grateful to be called his daughter. Even though my dad doesn’t always let me hang out and enjoy life right now, I know that if I focus on school and get my grades high then my future will be filled with enjoyment and adventures to make up my high school years.


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