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An Unexpected Turn of Events

“You have to be tall, smart, handsome, funny, outgoing, buys me food and stuffed animals, and romantic,” said by every girl when they dream about their first boyfriend or their soulmate. The ideal boyfriend of a 13-year-old compared to a 16-year old’s is pretty different in some senses. Yeah, being tall, handsome, and etc. could be important, but what we look for is someone who can understand all of our difficulties, schedules, and sometimes our attitude.


I was in a one-year relationship with a guy (lets say his name is Jack) and I hoped that it would’ve lasted longer, but it didn’t. The relationship ended about twenty days after the one-year anniversary, like how does that even happen?! Jack came up to me on the day when I volunteered to work at a carnival for my church, and he claimed that he had lost feelings for me right about after the one-year mark. Yeah, I ended up bawling my eyes out that night, but that’s not even the sad part; the sad part was when he asked out another girl the day after our break-up.


That broke me…


As I was mourning over the break up, I had to find a way to find my inner peace and that inner peace was my close friend, my brother from another mother, Theo. He is the only one that I go to whenever I have problems and difficulties with relationships or school. Yet, Theo wasn’t the only person that I went to. There was another person that had talked to me unexpectedly, hmm…let’s say his name is Marshmallow. He took time out of his busy schedule to sit down and listen to my breakup story with Jack; he reassured me that if I waited then happiness will surely come with the right guy.


Time went by…

2 months had passed and Marshmallow still checks up on me day after day but during the time I was busy with volleyball summer camp, so I couldn’t talk to Marshmallow as much. Even then he would constantly message me asking about my health and daily life. I am grateful to have this person apart of my life now because he is someone that I can go to when I am in sorrow or happiness. What amazes me the most is the dedication that he puts into checking on my well being as well as others, but what is most distinctive about him is that he is a genuinely nice guy who is also tall, smart, funny, outgoing and caring. As the time went by Marshmallow and I grew a relationship that I never thought of having. We struggled, argued, disagreed, fought and belittled each other, but truthfully we would not be the couple we are now if it weren’t for the times that we put aside to discuss and compromise. Without the interventions, we would not have been 5 months strong.  



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