My Happiness

happy adj.

  • feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.

  • showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment

  • pleased or glad about a particular situation, event, etc.

Many people and things can make me the happiest person in the world. Happiness is the one thing that keeps me striving on and continue to see the next day. Something that makes me happy is going to school to see my friends even though that seems a bit crazy, but without the school and my friends, my life would be pretty boring.

A married old couple sitting down together at McDonalds or seeing a little kid run around in the playground other than playing with their electronics can bring me more happiness than getting an Apple Watch or the iPhone 6s. Yeah getting an Apple Watch or a new phone would make me overly joyed, but just seeing someone else being happy and having the time of their life brightens my day instantly.


Happiness isn’t always easy to achieve just like how the young samurai and the farmer girl from The Seven Samurai was not able to have a relationship due to their status difference. They were in love but she wasn’t born in a well-off family; they were forbidden to have a relationship. Even though they knew that their love for each other would not be accepted, they still loved each other until the very end.

the young samurai and the farmer girl

The road to achieving happiness is not always smooth, but the end result is always worth it. Referring to the book Siddhartha, Siddhartha went on a journey to find his passion and his happiness. He had thought that he achieved it when he settled down and became rich, but that wasn’t the case. The only time that he was truly happy was when he found himself after he left his pleasing life and family.

My path to achieving true happiness was bumpy and long, but I finally got it this year with the help of some friends. Steps that I took to achieve my true happiness were:

  1. Letting go. Let go of the people that placed you in this position, but you are too afraid to detach from them. Letting these people go will lighten up the load on your shoulders and allow you to be happy.
  2. Moving on. Being trapped in the past will not do you any good. The past is our ghosts, the ghosts that will not go away no matter what we do unless we move on. Remember the past is just the past, it is the present and future that matters.
  3. Acceptance. Accepting help from other people is scary since you don’t know how they will react, but it is always good to have an extra brain to help think through problems. Accepting the fact that you left people behind to give yourself happiness because they were like poison.

Yes, achieving happiness is not something that everyone wants to do because they are scared, but trust me there is nothing more that you would want but happiness. My friends are my source of happiness and happiness is what keeps me striving on through the day.


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